9 reasons to organize your event in Vicenza!


Because it's easy to reach.

In the heart of the Veneto region, the city is located on the Turin-Milan-Venice axis.


Because it's a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The city with the highest number of protected monuments: the walk in the centre is like reliving history.


Because it's charming.

The Berici hills are a world apart with unspoiled nature and amazing food and wine.


Because this is the home of productivity.

One of the most active and thriving areas of Italy, it is the third province in terms of export and number of companies.


Because it's welcoming

Its secret? Cordiality and hospitality in the numerous hotels and an excellent quality-price ratio.


Because it's priceless

A sumptuous city with palaces, gold and jewels by its famous craftsmen. A tradition that has created a style.


Because it's creative.

In the heart of one of Italy's major industrial centres, its strengths are design and opulent Palladian architecture.


Because it's gourmet!

For those who love fine wine and dining, Vicenza offers simple yet flavoursome dishes and excellent wine!


Because it's ViCC!

An innovative convention destination, with a contemporary and highly-functional congress centre!

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