December 10, 2021

Three new photovoltaic systems for IEG

By 2022, the Vicenza Expo Centre will also play its part in the process for an increasingly sustainable future. In partnership with Green Utility, the IEG will install 3 new photovoltaic systems, one in our convention centre, one in the Vicenza Expo Centre and one in the Rimini and on in the Palacongressi di Rimini venue, saving the environment a total of 4.5 million tons of CO2.

It represents the company’s solid commitment to the production of clean energy and achieving self-sufficiency. Rimini Expo Centre is already one step ahead having installed solar panels on all available roofs since its inauguration in 2001.

A 1200 kWp photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof of the Vicenza Expo Centre, reducing CO2 emissions by 700,000 tons per year, producing energy from renewable sources equivalent to the needs of 470 families.